Athletics gives 100 percent to Wayne State


Wayne State University's Department of Athletics follows three pillars of success: Giving back to the community, achieving academic goals, and graduating and winning. One way the department shows their commitment to these pillars is by giving back to Wayne State.

Each and every full-time faculty and staff member in the Athletic Department has financially supported Wayne State, making their department the first at the university to have 100 percent faculty and staff giving participation. This significant achievement demonstrates the dedication and pride that staff members take in working toward the collaboration and innovation that make Wayne State distinct.

Jeff Weiss, senior associate athletics director, is very passionate about his job at Wayne State. He is celebrating his 15th year at the university, working in his areas of passion: sports and writing.  

“My thought is, why wouldn't you support where you work?” Weiss said. “The amount you give doesn't matter, but just that you give.” 

The financial commitment of Wayne State faculty and staff members illustrates to community members and supporters a personal investment in Wayne State's mission and vision. The Athletic Department is very proud of the progress they have made over the years. “There's better lighting, better seating and every sport is represented here,” said Weiss. “It's a supportive atmosphere here in Athletics. We work nonstop.”

Wayne State Athletics is premised on a simple philosophy—create a “Championship Experience” for student-athletes, coaches, staff, community and supporters. “My goal is to make sure students have a great experience here,” Weiss said. “I love to be able to call students by name as I walk by them in the hallways. I look through their stories on the website, and at the GPA board and community service project lists. I’m so proud to see the achievements they've made.”

Weiss is proud of the students in his family as well. His oldest daughter is a senior at Wayne State, studying kinesiology with a minor in biology. She also works in the Matthaei Physical Education Center and is a student ambassador for the College of Education. Weiss's youngest daughter is a sophomore at the University of Indiana through the Tuition Exchange program offered by Wayne State and other colleges and universities across the nation.

Wayne State faculty and staff are the university's strongest ambassadors. To learn more about faculty and staff giving, contact Amanda Bennett, associate director of special projects, at

(November 28, 2016)

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