Student Call Center hits $1 million mark for first time

The Wayne State University Student Call Center has raised more than $1 million in gifts to the university with one month still left in the fiscal year. This is the first time in the call center's history that this amount has been reached.

Desireé Frantum '18, student supervisor at the call center, described the excitement when the team reached the million-dollar goal. "I received a donation for $600 that put us within $50 of our target, and before I was even off the phone another caller received the donation that put us over the top," she said. "We were all jumping around and congratulating each other. It was a really moving moment, and we'll always remember that we were the first."

Frantum credits the 30-member call team's success to investments in training and customized communications, as well as its culture of motivation. The center's manager, Julia Bouchard, credits the student callers. "I am so lucky to work with Wayne State students," Bouchard said. "I have worked at other universities but have never before seen this level of dedication. Every cent we raised was made possible by the passion and tenacity of our callers."

Students at the call center point to a sense of purpose and fulfillment that fuels their enthusiasm and drive. "I feel like my service at the call center has allowed me to give back to Wayne State," Frantum said. "It's a way of showing my appreciation for the scholarships and grants I received that helped me complete my degree in kinesiology."

Student callers reach out to Wayne State alumni, parents, friends and graduating seniors year-round to request support for university initiatives, while also sharing their Wayne State experiences and news about the university. The center has been active since 2005 and has helped raise millions of dollars to support students, faculty, academic programs and research.

"I truly value the opportunities I get to connect with Wayne State alumni and my fellow students," said caller Kaley Scott, a junior majoring in nutrition and food sciences. "This has been the most rewarding job I have ever had."

Erika Compeau '18 echoed her colleagues' sentiments. "Working at the call center always puts a smile on my face, even on my worst days," Compeau said. "I feel like I am making a big difference!"

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