Faculty and staff gifts

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Wayne State University faculty and staff commit themselves to the university's mission every day. You understand firsthand the importance of supporting academic success, research excellence and community engagement initiatives.

The Inspire from Within faculty and staff giving campaign recognizes how the power of collective support from faculty and staff makes an enormous impact on the university's mission. Faculty and staff generosity shows our alumni and friends that those closest to Wayne State are inspired by the university's people and programs. When you're inspired to give, your gift is magnified by the inspiration it gives to others.

Make your tax-deductible gift

All donations to Wayne State are tax-deductible. Your receipt will be mailed to you with a thank-you letter.

You can make your gift online, or by check or money order. Or you can make your gift through payroll deduction.

Using faculty and staff payroll deduction

Payroll deduction is one of the most convenient ways to make a gift. Using the payroll deduction form, you stipulate the exact amount and time frame for the deduction. The total amount of your gift will be divided into smaller payments and deducted from your paycheck every two weeks.

You also can designate an even split between two giving areas. Gifts of different sizes or to multiple initiatives require a separate payroll deduction form for each gift. Be sure to check "This is a new payroll deduction" on the form.



If you have questions about giving areas or methods of payment, please email annualfund@wayne.edu

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